So Help Me God! Herbert Tarr

ISBN: 9780812908275

Published: September 28th 1979


250 pages


So Help Me God!  by  Herbert Tarr

So Help Me God! by Herbert Tarr
September 28th 1979 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 250 pages | ISBN: 9780812908275 | 9.57 Mb

It is the height of the Vietnam War. Draft-dodging has become Americas number one vocation, with some 15 million scrambing for deferments, pyschiatrists, Canada, obscene tatoos, anything to escape the Army or jail. Ironically while the devout Levi Simon submits to Selective Service, his wayward goy friend Andrew Baron flees to a rabbinical school. Andrew has a problem. He is after all, a Gentile, the wrong half of him being Jewish.

Andrews absentee father is a Jew—descended from the first Jewish High Priest, no less—but of course Judaism regards only the child of a Jewish mother as a Jew.The draft aside, the two friends respond as one to the beautiful Isaca Zion, who is herself studying to be a rabbi. Andrew and Levi fall in love with her—and she with each of them. But then, Isaca is forced to choose between a fiancé and the rabbinate.Andrews imposture is lit with comedy (his first freshman assignment is to conduct High Holy Day services, though he barely knows the difference between a bagel and a Twinkie) and very real danger.

One mistake means loss of his draft deferment and Canadian exile. And when, in an attempt to redeem himself, Andrew flies to the aid of Soviet Jewry, his illegal activity in Russia propels him toward the prison term that hes been evading. Meantime, Levi fares even worse. He, who vowed never to shed a drop of blood, is shipped to Vietnam and ends up in battle.Searching, touching.

brimming with humor, this important work is an exquisite blend of the timely and timeless. Andrew Barons venture into alien cultures—those of the philosopher rabbi, the rebel priest, and the refuseniks—gradually changes his perceptions and transforms his life. It may very well alter yours, too.

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